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Project Finance Controller

Project Finance Controller

General Description of Duties and Responsibilities:
• To establish a project financial management operation mechanism that conforms with the characteristic of the particular delivery project;
• Organize to set up the budget and monitor the delivery resources through budget cost authorization mechanism;
• Formulate the project financial management targets after take into account of the customers, management and the subcontractors requirements (including revenue, cost, inventory, accounts receivable and payable, etc.) and allocate it accordingly to each of the responsibility parties involved;
• Dynamic monitoring the operating of financial management performance indicators, organize budget execution deviation analysis, objectively reveal the business problem, push and drivethe business process improvement;
• Provides project financial management results, supporting the project team and the key roles on the project team in project management performance and incentive evaluation, to carry out the project delivery cost baseline application and optimization ,closing the loop of the project financial management cycle through final accounting;

Improve project profitability —- to carry up the end to end process of project profitability management and to optimize the growth of project profitability
• When the project delivery within the scope of the contract, by means of root cause cost analysis, together with the business units to identify business improvement areas and to carry out the improvement measures in order to achieve cost saving purpose;
• When the project delivery beyond the scope of the contract, to initialize the project change management on a timely basis, improve quality of the transaction, reduce the loss of profit, improve project profitability livel;
• To align with the business, in-depth management of operational assets and improve the project operation efficiency;
• Through the project experience summary, to provide reference for other projects in commercial clause optimization, improve the future project profitability level;

Monitor project risk
Effective internal and external risk, ensure the project operation are in healthy and steadiness conditions;
• By analyzing the current situation and the trend of prediction, timely detect and early warning for the problems and risks with a significant impact on the result of the operation;
• Propaganda, training, and to carry out the company’s financial policy and process, create a business control (BC) environment, carry out the data quality management at project level and finance processes works CT/ SACA etc, in order to ensure the compliance of project business operations;

Candidate Requirement:
• A Bachelor’s degree holder or above in Finance and auditing
• At least 3 years working experience in finance area
• Good English in both oral and writing, and Chinese speaking is preferred
• Good communication. Positive thinking and coordination skill
• Good Computer skills in Microsoft Office, especially Excel, be familiar with basic function(such as Vlookup, Sumifs, Isna, and/or PivotTable, Chart)
• Experience in ERP System and telecom industry will be advantageous for the position

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